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Welcome to our One Source Talent blog. One Source Talent recently celebrated 10 years in the business of helping models and actors. One Source Talent has also been an Inc5000 company since 2008, expanding their business to new major markets across the United States every year. In 2014 they have plans to open at least 3 new locations. You can find out more about One Source Talent's goals, and company at their company Crunch Base profile as well as their One Source Talent LinkedIn Profile

one source talent - AUDITION TIPS AND TRICKS

one source talent says Auditions, although necessary in most cases for earning a role, can be stressful and difficult, especially if you do not have a lot of acting experience. Here are some helpful hints when heading out for an audition:

one source talent audition
Pre-Audition - Know the show. In musical theatre, there’s no excuse for not being familiar with the show you’re auditioning for. Remember that the better you know it, the better you'll audition for it. Hop online and find a synopsis, listen to the cast CD (buy the CD, or find a copy of it at a library).
- Make sure you know what the requirements for the audition are. Read the audition brief and makes sure you understand everything.
- Warm up. An athlete would never think of competing for an Olympic event without warming her muscles. When you're auditioning, you are doing a performance. It is opening night. Warm up your body, warm up your voice.
- Treat this in much the same way as you would an interview. You want to look nice, but make sure that you can move around the room Wear neat, comfortable clothing - or take separate sets of clothes for the singing and dancing auditions. Do not wear a costume. Your outfit can suggest the character such as a high-collar blouse for a period piece. Comb/style your hair; females should wear some make-up.
- No perfume or cologne. You don't want to send anyone out of the room in a sneezing fit.
- Get to your audition at least 15 minutes early. You don't want to have to rush into your audition. Give yourself time to find the space and warm up.
- Pack your bag with a bottle of water and a book in case there is waiting.
- Be nice to everybody. You never know if the person you are speaking to is important in the decision making process.


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