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Welcome to our One Source Talent blog. One Source Talent recently celebrated 10 years in the business of helping models and actors. One Source Talent has also been an Inc5000 company since 2008, expanding their business to new major markets across the United States every year. In 2014 they have plans to open at least 3 new locations. You can find out more about One Source Talent's goals, and company at their company Crunch Base profile as well as their One Source Talent LinkedIn Profile

MTV Silent Library Information - One Source Talent

MTV Silent Library Information - One Source Talent

One Source Talent - Are you ready to compete for some cash? If so, you don't want to miss this opportunity. MTV is looking for outgoing team of guys or team of girls 18-28 to be a part of the second season of MTV's hit show, Silent Library!
Each episode has six male or female contestants working as a team to win the prize money. Each round the six contestants will play a game of chance and one will be picked to do a dare. If they complete the dare without the contestant or his teammates laughing they get the CASH!

MTV's hit show, Silent Library is looking for guys, who are fun and have a great sense of humor. Email us ASAP if you are interested in being a part of the game show. If you have a team of six already, that's a HUGE plus!
One Source Talent is a leading talent service that seeks to provide valuable industry tools to aspiring actors and models. http://www.onesourcetalent.com


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