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Audition tips and techniqic guidence for kids and teens

You can't get any role in any production without going through an audition. Whether you are preparing for a straight theatre audition, a dance audition, a vocal audition or a true "triple threat" musical audition, you will find some very worthwhile tips in this information sheet.

The single most, best audition tip I can give anyone to improve their performance at musical theatre auditions is simply to get experience in auditioning. While the first few auditions may be nerve-wracking, the more audition opportunities you take, the easier and more fun auditioning will become.

Kids audition Tips - one source talent reviews
Audition procedures may vary. In every instance, the procedure will be announced at the time auditions are to begin. BE ON TIME. Wandering in to read late requires unnecessary repetition. When feasible, and when the director so desires, scripts are made available for reading in advance of the audition period and may be checked out. As a general rule, anyone wishing to audition should familiarize themselves with the script and attend as many audition sessions as possible unless instructed otherwise by the director.

The main thing is to be open in the audition situation to read the cues and try to inject a sense of fun in it, even though that’s very hard when you feel you’re on the spot. Everybody wants to work with an actor who looks like their enjoying the process. What’s really important is not to see the casting director as the enemy. It’s not an adversarial situation. Personalities are different and some casting directors can be abrupt or not particularly warm or supportive but the bottom line is that they actually want the actor to do well.

One source talent reviews teen audition guidence
b. Tips for Parents

i. It is important to research the role your child is auditioning for. Find out everything you can about it, judge its attributes, and keep your child’s best interest at heart. Make sure that he or she does not feel intimidated by the 10 or 20 other hopefuls in the same room, auditioning for the same part. Explain that it is just a chance to practice performing in front of an audience. At most auditions, your child’s audience will include the casting director, executive producer, and a few other people involved in the project.

ii. Know your child’s best look and stick to it as that will make them feel comfortable. Do not attempt a major hair style or wardrobe change that will whack your child out of balance and create a false presentation. Make sure your child is well-rested and well-fed as the wait may be long. If you project a calm disposition, so will they.

iii. One of the most beneficial kids audition tips is to discover your child’s unique potential talent. Everyone is good at one thing or another. You need to nurture and develop your child’s natural gift by providing them with training. If your child has good reflexes, perhaps they should be enlisted in a gymnastics class. If your child is graceful, then ballet lessons might turn them into a beautiful dancer. If your child is rambunctious and energetic, a tae-kwon-do course can synthesize those chaotic movements into a harmonious ki flow. And, if acting is their forte, a good trainer may lead them to fame. Amongst many instructions, they will emphasize that good actors do not overact - being too dramatic is a common faux-pas.

iv. With so many people out there trying to make it big, your child will require the best of the best, in terms of resources, in order to maximize their potential and reach the top. By providing them with excellent instructors to develop their talents and skills, your child will enter the fierce audition arena with added ammo in their arsenal, and will stand out as the crème-de-la-crème amongst the proverbial masses.

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